I am a philosopher and trainee journalist, in the middle of NCTJ diploma in multimedia journalism. Writing has always been a passion of mine, and this blog was born out of trying to find my voice.

Although I am not sure exactly what I will end up reporting when I qualify next year, these missives are a collection of my published works, but also my opinions on various issues of the day. That is why The Gammie Review is so eclectic, because over the last 18 months I have been writing, as a work experience, freelancer or in my own capacity, for a variety of magazines, websites and newspapers.

The idea for this blog originated from a radio show I did with my friend while at university, a fair few years ago now. The show we did was called Grinding the Gammie-Turtle’s Gears, and we would pick a topic every week to complain about. It was our own little soapbox, because, no matter how we pleaded, not enough people listened to Stirling University radio to pick up the phone and debate the issue with us. So we debated alone, and played some music, but our love for arguing never ceased.

Now my friend is up in the wilderness, somewhere in Scotland. But I wanted to keep complaining, keep grinding my gears so to speak, and hence, when I moved south of the border to Bristol, I set up this blog to give me room to vent my frustrations.

It was through writing this blog and doing work experience that I finally discovered that I wanted, above all the other things that I want, to be journalist. I have no ambitions past that (except maybe a front page leading article for a national newspaper), and am currently enjoying the variety of life, and all the things I can turn my hands to write about.

I enjoy feedback and comments. Seeing as I’m in training I willing to listen to anyone’s opinions about my work – even if it is critical.

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